Starting a Prayer Team

At Home

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Empowering Independence at Home

“I miss my home!” I complained to my sister. I'd been in the US for several weeks. My schedule was packed with meetings with supporters, presentations to small groups, Sunday… More

Coordinating Church Visits

"Why didn't you come share at our small group?" a man at my sending church asked. I was returning to the field in just a couple days. Embarrassed, I explained… More

Helping with Medical and Dental Appointments

My teeth get international treatment. Spain, Brazil, and Thailand—all beautiful countries with beautiful smiles and cheap teeth cleaning. But, I would rather go to an American dentist office where I… More


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Single Workers: Breaking the Silence

“I always assumed you wanted to be single,” said a member of my supporting church. My brow crinkled. Does everyone assume this is my choice? I wondered. Being a globetrotting… More

Sharing Their Stories

Everyone loves a good story. God-glorifying stories bolster our faith and remind us of the Lord's faithfulness. Testimonies increase our faith. As you read your worker's newsletters, pay attention to the… More

Understanding Security & Social Media

Do you know what security risks your worker faces overseas? As surveillance technology becomes accessible to governments and organizations, workers need to be diligent about their communication and social media strategy.… More


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Understanding the Pressure of the 24/7 Job

Field workers are normal people. They have to eat and sleep and work and take rest. “Of course they do!” you might say. But I didn’t realize this truth until… More

Learn about Islam

Why should I learn about Islam? some might ask. I watch the news every night. I see the war. I see the rubble left from bombings. Isn’t that Islam? It’s… More

Learning about the Government

In some countries, workers are under constant watch by governments and authorities. If you want to help a worker, maybe you should get in touch with the CIA. Yes, that… More


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Waves of Generosity: Starting a Matching Gift Campaign

Generosity is contagious. When one person gives, others often follow. People like to give when they see that others have affirmed (with their wallets) that a certain cause is a… More

Giving a Special Financial Gift to your Worker

Monthly donations and faithful prayers are such generous gifts to workers! But what about blessing workers with a special financial gift? A special gift above and beyond your normal giving… More

Increasing Your Financial Support

Cost of rent: $16 a month. In-country travel (i.e. taxis and donkey carts): $30 a month. Before I moved overseas to live in a poor Muslim community, my team leader sent… More

On the Field

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Sending Care Packages: When Girl Scout Cookies Expire

“A package arrived for you," my teammate texted me. "It was sent three years ago!” That’s right. Three years. We couldn’t tell how long it had taken for the package… More

Writing Letters of Encouragement

Imagine selling everything own and leaving behind friends and family. You exchange your comfortable, familiar life to live among a people who never invited you. You go in spite of… More

Be Their Link to the Church

My sending church went through a major transition during my first year on the field. I had no idea about it until it was almost over. I felt I had… More


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Denied Entry: Praying for Worker Visas

One of the top reasons Frontiers workers leave the field is because of denied visas. In some countries, workers who have labored for years are suddenly finding their applications for visa… More

Taking Virtual Prayer Walks

Prayer is central to helping expand the Kingdom in the Muslim world. In some ways, field workers are like living prayers. They live prophetically, pouring out their worship of Jesus… More

Starting a Prayer Team

Frontiers workers Eric and Stephanie have a faithful team of supporters back home who gather regularly to pray for their ministry.   Recently, Eric began discipling a Muslim man who was close… More